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Thinking About Buying a Project Muscle Car? Don’t Do it Until You See THIS…

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Dear Muscle Car Enthusiast,

That muscle car in the poster you had on the wall when you were a kid (or maybe it’s still on your wall)…

Yep. You CAN have the car in the poster!

And you can have a LOT of fun restoring, modifying, and showing off your kick-a$$ muscle car.

But for too many of us… that lifelong dream ends up turning into a nightmare!

One day… you see the car you’ve drooled over for years in an online classified or in someone’s driveway…

And you just have to have it!

So you work out a price with the owner and haul your prize home… thinking you just scored the deal of the century!

But on your way home, you’re wondering to yourself…


Did I Buy the Perfect Dream Car… or a Worthless Hunk of Metal?


Once you’ve handed over your cash and signed the dotted line, you have to figure out how to transform your “deal of the century” into the shiny, roaring, jaw-dropping muscle car that’s in your head. That’s your problem… not the seller’s!

But it’s a LOT easier when you know you’ve bought the right project car to begin with!

Look, when trying to figure out how to buy a project car… most of us turn to online videos and articles. And, if you’re like most of these guys, it doesn’t take long to hit “information overload.” You’ll find TONS of info out there… and frankly, the vast majority of the tutorials out there range from “not exactly right” to “flat-out dead wrong.”

You see, there are a lot of well-meaning but inexperienced people out there who want to give you project car buying advice… but the simple fact is, they haven’t made (and learned from) enough mistakes to know what they’re talking about!

Once in a while, you might get lucky and actually find some decent advice by searching on Google or Bing. But most of the time, the information and advice you get will just end up costing you time and money… and leave you frustrated and disappointed that your awesome muscle car dream isn’t coming together the way you’d hoped!

So does that mean you should forget about getting a project car at all?


Introducing… “Project Cars" - The Ultimate Guide: All Muscle Cars… Of Course!”

Your Must-Have Guide for Choosing and Buying YOUR Bad-A$$ Muscle Car!

 Look, having an incredible muscle car can make your life awesome. And it gives you serious “bragging rights” when you’re around your friends (not that you actually have to “brag” – your car does it for you).

But it’s critical that you get started off on the right foot. In other words, you need to put some serious thought into getting the perfect car to begin with.

That’s why I’ve created this guide. I’ve been buying and restoring project cars for more than 30 years… and I’ve made about every mistake possible along the way. In this guide, you’ll get to learn from my mistakes (and from my successes too, of course) without all the headaches and frustration I’ve experienced over the last three decades.

You’re going to learn:

  • How to choose the right type of muscle car for you!
  • What warning signs to watch out for when looking at a project car!
  • How to determine if a car can be restored to match your vision!
  • How to figure out how much to pay for your muscle car!
  • How to estimate your restoration costs!
  • And much, MUCH more!


And the best part…

Right now, I’m giving you this in-depth guide – filled with insights that can save you tens of thousands of dollars and years of frustration – for a one-time investment of…


 I look forward to helping you find the muscle car that will make your friends green with envy!

Ross Mills


P.S.: You can’t even find this info in one of those slick muscle car magazines – you know, the ones that are all pictures and no substance. But for a $17 investment, you’re getting a guide that gives you a serious advantage in your muscle car project… and can keep you from making HUGE, costly mistakes! Grab “Project Cars" - The Ultimate Guide while you still can!

P.P.S.: Ok, this sounds a bit ridiculous… but I don’t even want you to risk $17. So here’s what I’ll do: Try out “Project Cars" - The Ultimate Guide for 30 days. If you’re not thrilled with the in-depth, frustration-saving advice for any reason, just email me and I’ll give you your $17 back. No questions asked! So now that you’re not even risking $17… there’s no reason for you not to get this awesome guide today!

     How to Buy a Muscle Car

    We show you what to look for and what questions to ask. We show you the risks and teach you how to avoid them.

     How to Maintain a Muscle Car

    Doing nothing can be dangerous. Take preventative measures, and your car will age like a fine wine.

     How to Own a Muscle Car

    We show you the pitfalls, probababilites, and precautions related to owning a classic muscle car.

     Which Car to Buy

    We provide in-depth coverage of the Top 25 muscle cars to buy. It is a lot easier to create a shiny, roaring, jaw-dropping machine if you buy the right car in the first place.

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