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My dad was doing well for himself in 1957, so he bought a brand new  Plymouth Fury.
The car came stock with a 318 v-8 with two 4 barrel carbs.
He thought so much of his car that he wanted to show it to his dad in Italy.
The cost of transporting a car on a ship overseas was $800.00.
At the time that was a lot of money. Like I said, he was doing well. He also paid passage for the family.
Which was himself, his wife and the two of us children.
I remember parts of the trip, I was 7. We drove to New York from Detroit.
Boarded the SS Cristoforo Colombo, an Italian cruise ship.
Sailed for eight days across the Atlantic. .
The Fury, for some reason, had a flat tire. I remember parts of the trip and one of them was going with him down to the hold to change the tire.
When we made port in Rome, we watched from above as they unloaded the cars.
I remember as that big beautiful car backed out of the hold of the ship.
Then we drove from Rome to just outside Florence, where my grandparents lived.
When you think of all the small cars they drive over there and then to have this big American built beauty, let’s just say it turned a lot of heads. 
Bob Novelli

1957-318 Dual Quad Fury Makes a Long Road Trip

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