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For 1970 Torino  is the nameplate for the brand and Fairlane is the entry level offer. With coke bottle body styling  the car narrower centrally and wider front and rear gives the car a casual but aerodynamic look, ready for business. Other body lines are changed and the Torino’s all flaunt a lower roof line, longer hood, shorter rear deck, while the sport roof has a faster back and has a longer rake in the windshield. Both slender chromed bumpers, fitting close, are an extension of the body’s lines; the grill fills the front fascia encompassing the quad headlights, front fenders extend down and inward toward the front doors with the sweep extending to the rear quarter panels. The base Fairlane 500 can be had as a two door hard top, a four door sedan, and a four door wagon but the next step is the Torino which offers additionally, the newly introduced four door hard top to the roster. The Torino Brougham is the deluxe model in ’70 while the sporty GT is offered as a two or four door hardtop and a convertible. The powerful Torino Cobra model comes only as a two door fastback and only the one engine is available.

Ford Torino 1970 or up© Mybaitshop | – 1970’s Ford Gran Torino Sport Engine Photo

Two new additions are made available to the lineup mid 1970-a Torino two door fastback sold as a low priced GT and the very basic Falcon as a two door, a four door, and a four door wagon-all with rubber floor mats instead of carpeting making this offer more basic than the Fairlane 500. The Falcon was only offered for a short time because it could not meet U.S. federal standards. In 1970 if you decided to purchase a Ford Torino there were 17 different models that you could choose from.

The interior has also been renewed for 1970 featuring lineal speedometer readout this year and a new ribbon style tachometer is optionally offered for any V8 motor in the arsenal. New for this year is the wheel lock when the key is removed from the ignition with the switch now on the steering column and no longer on the dashboard. The sport roof two door versions have “DirectAire” venting as an option and are without vent windows if you choose this option while all the other models the vents or “no draft” windows are basic equipment. Bucket seating is an option on all the models offered this year with the further option of a console-so no matter which model you choose bench seats are basic equipment.

Heavier than previous years the 1970 Torino’s are also five inches longer with a 114 inch wheelbase for the wagons but all the others are on a 117 inch base and the wheel tracking is wider as well giving the car better road hugging ability’s particularly when cornering. The basic suspension is unchanged but the competition suspension package comes with Gabriel front shocks-the rear shocks are stagger mounted in four speed versions, with heavy duty springs front and rear. The front sway bar is heavier gauge steel than the base suspension package Motor Trend Magazine tests the Cobra describing it as “completely different. The car goes through tight turns in a confidence inspiring controlled slide. It is very smooth and unusual”.

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