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In 1968 the entry level Firebird is powered by the same 230 block previously offered, but it has a longer stroke this year and is now 250 cu in (4.1 L), with the one barrel carb, it puts out 175 hp (130 kW).  The old 326 has been shelved and replaced by the Pontiac 350 cu in (5.7 L) V8, which delivers 265 hp ( 198 kW) with the basic two barrel carburetor. The top of the list for power beginning in ’68 is an “H.O.” version of the 350 (actually 355 cu in) with it’s hotter cam, will produce 320 hp (240 kW). To put the torque to the wheels there are the choices of a 2 or 3 speed automatic as well as the 3 or 4 speed standard transmission.

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