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 The 1967 GTX or Belvedere GTX was introduced as a Gentleman’s luxury car with muscle car power. It has a body style similar to the Belvedere s  with a different grill, mock hood scoops, chrome gas filler cap, and the optional racing stripes. The rear fascia was the same as the Plymouth Satellites. The car had heavy duty suspension included with the basic package. The GTX came with the TorqueFlight three speed automatic with a choice of a 440 cu in (7.2 liter) Commando V8 rated at 375 hp or the optional 426 cu in (7.0 L) Hemi – “The Elephant”. A four speed floor mount transmission was an available option on all the engines.

The 1968 GTX had a completely redesigned body from last year’s model with a choice of a two door convertible or two door hard top with the same power options available.


Minor cosmetic changes took place in 1969 with black side lower body paint to differentiate it from the racing strip on the 1968 model, as well, a functional “Air Grabber” hood scoop was included with the hemi engine or an option with the 440 power. There were 701 GTX convertibles made by Chrysler in 1969 with eleven powered by the hemi engine.


In 1970 there was no convertible model offered in the GTX line.  The GTX coupe had a few minor changes to it such as new grill and headlights as well as a hood bulge sporting a single “Air Grabber” scoop and non-functional rear brake air scoops as well as many luxury items included in the basic package. The car looked too much like the Roadrunner a poor man’s car and the “Sport Fury” was often chosen by consumers as the Chrysler choice for a performance luxury car for discriminating mature gentlemen over the GTX. Even with the addition of a GTX GT model the car was not a big seller in 1970. The car was available with a basic 440 and had a four barrel on top, the “440+6” option – three two barrel carburetors, or the 426 hemi was the top power option.


A completely redesigned GTX was on show room floors in 1971; the last year for the car as a separate model. The engine choices were the same as 1970, but due to emission standards rising, the engines had less power than the earlier models.  With lower compression and faster choke operation the basic 400 engine horse power dropped 5% and the 440+6 option dropped to 385 hp (287 kW). The hemi engine horse power rating remained the same at 425 hp (317 kW) all the engines still came with the three speed automatic or the four speed standard transmission as an option. The emission regulations in previous years and the new and ever rising insurance rates on muscle cars made for low sales. There were less than 3,000 units produced in 1971.

From 1972 until 1974 the GTX was a luxury option package for the “Road Runner”

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