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Four generations spanning eleven years, the Barracuda was repeatedly at the top of the list for a large number of muscle car fans. The most valuable year is a 1970, but any Barracuda in good condition will unquestionably remain a coveted car and will bring a trend setting price anytime one is sold.

1966 Generation one

1966 'cuda 31966 'cuda 4



1967 Generation two

1967 BarracudaPlymouth Barracuda 1967 or 68(2)

1970 Generation three

Plymouth Barracuda 1970 (4)Plymouth Barracuda 1970 green(2)

1971 Generation three

Plymouth Barracuda 1971 426 Hemi (1)

1973 Generation four

1973 Barracuda 1973 (3)1973 Barracuda 1973 (1)1973 Barracuda 1973 (4)

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