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For 2014 the Nissan GT-R is an agile supercar available in three trims with all offering high performance as basic equipment. For a car of this calibre it also offers amazing gas mileage of 16/23 city/highway. The available models are the entry level but plushy equipped Premium, centrally, the Black Edition, and the Track Edition is the quickest option sporting a basic stripped down interior without rear seating but with a firm riding sport suspension and cooling ducts for the slotted rotors. Both of the two former versions would suit a small family of four although the children should be large enough to use the seat belts without a child’s seat. The track version will be available in limited quantities in the U.S. of A.-there are only 150 units that will be sold here this year. All models are engineered for the operator to be able to maintain control in all driving situations and basically is equipped with a host of electronic sensors  plus the touch screen which offers readouts that include: the power to each wheel, suspension movement, and body roll. The steering/operator positioning or relationship is such that optimal handling conditions are maintained at all times in all situations.

Nissan GT-R 2014© Swtrekker | Dreamstime.com – 2014 Nissan GT-R Photo

The premium has seats to accommodate four while is equipped with high performance tires riding on 20 inch alloy rims, electronic three mode damper adjustable suspension, and braking controlled by Brembo. Every electronic gadget we require these days is either included with this version or the few that are not can be optioned if you choose. The multi-function monitor will give readouts for g-force on corners and acceleration, steering output, gear engaged, as well as lap times. The unit also has more mundane necessities such as navigation, 9.4 gigs for audio storage and will give real time weather and traffic reports. The eleven speaker CD/USB port equipped stereo is made by Bose and the seats are covered with a Leather/faux-suede material but can be upgraded to premium leather coverings though-out if you opt for it.

The black edition exterior is a vision of…black including the carbon-fibre rear spoiler and the light-weight rims as well which are mounted with run flat treads by Dunlop. The “Black can be optioned for a “super silver” paint job with three hand polished clear coat layers if you prefer and there is also a cold weather package available for northern customers. The interior is red with black highlighting and leather covered Ricaro seats.
The “Track Edition” is a lighter in weight than its 3,800 lbs. siblings. This stripped down version is ready to race and it will also give a firmer ride than the other two models with its sport tuned suspension.

Nissan GT-R Nismo Version© Teddyleung | Dreamstime.com – Nissan GT-R Nismo Version Photo

Under the hood of the GT-R is a 3.8 liter V6 engine that is manufactured under perfectly controlled conditions with exact tolerances and accuracy adhered to in the machining of each unit produced. The AWD GT-R comes with a crisp shifting six speed dual clutch automatic transmission and this car can be a bit hard to manage in city traffic which is a small trade for the incredible performance delivered. The power plant is officially rated at producing 545 hp although unofficially can develop between 530 hp to 700 hp and will do 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.7 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h) which can put almost any production high performance in your rear view mirror in no time. The base price is in the $100,000.00 range which is low for a car that performs like the GT-R. There is a more powerful version slated for release later in 2014.

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