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Originally a 1968 289 2 bbl A code. Factory Meadowlark yellow and black standard interior with optional console.
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Total restoration was done completely by me in my garage and driveway. She came to me as a rust free example from southern Virginia. I completed the body work, stripped the existing paint, paint prepped, primed, painted the car in my favored color of 1967 Spring Time Yellow (more yellow pop). A complete upholstery kit including headliner were sourced from Laurel Mustangs as were bumpers, emblems and interior bright work pieces. A new windshield was needed, purchased and installed.
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To achieve capable handling that these cars can achieve, I relocated the upper control arms, “invented” a twin front sway bar arrangement and installed with more than satisfying results. She carves corners like a pancake. KYB HP gas shocks keep everything predictable. The goal of this build was a reliable daily driver with capability for fun track days at Virginia International Speedway (pictured), the occasional stop light challenge, and road trips. I sourced a 1997 Ford Explorer 302 with the factory roller cam and GT heads. The motor is dressed to appear as it should circa 1968 with v belt pulleys, belts, etc. Ignition is Petronixs breaker less in the original distributor housing with matching 40K volt coil. Intake is Edelbrock performer matched with a Holley 600 cfm 4 bbl. Headman headers and Shelby style side exit exhaust round out the performance package. Lighting upgrades include 100 watt halogen hi beam, 55 watt low beams with relays. The entire car can be described as “Nothing radical”,but good and reliable.
The Stang rides on 15 x 7 inch Magnums 235/60/15 front and 15 x 8 inch Magnums 255/60/15 rear.
I can furnish pictures of other builds, restorations, and related if you would like. Two recents are a 1967 Ford F100 short bed, a 1981 Chevy C10 short box style side, a 1989 Dodge d100 long bed and an 89 4X4 Power Wagon long bed.
The 67 Fastback is in process as I write. She is close to prime and paint. The 390 FE is on the stand awaiting a mild port job on the C8AE-H heads and a set of FE Mustang headers, (pricey). In time I will complete and send accompanying videos and photos. The Stang will be refinished in her original Burn’t Amber and Saddle Interior cools. This was an apparently rare paint color and even more rare when matched with the Saddle Interior colors. I spotted a 67 Fairlane at the Myrtle Beach Good Guys show in Burn’t Amber and Saddle and was completely thilled with my choice.Build goals are roughly the same as the coupe. Can’t love ’em if you can’t drive ‘em.

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