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Summit Racing Now Offers Disc Brake Conversion Kits For Your GM Musclecar

Summit Racing is now offering Stainless Steel Brakes Disc Brake Conversion Kits for your classic GM muscle car. With prices ranging from $ 580 to over $ 1200, chances are you'll find exactly what you need for your build, whether it be a street competitor …
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Ford offers a more polite Mustang

A long flat hood and lengthy front fenders gave the new car some exaggerated muscle-car presence — though I'm still not sure I like the tabletop shape of the Mustang's vast hood. Meanwhile, prominent character lines sailed off the stretched front …
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The World's Largest Collector-Car Auction

"With early consignments including some of the rarest, and easily the most desirable classic American muscle cars ever to roll off the assembly line—and more coming through the pipeline each day—this auction will be one for the record books," said …
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FIRST DRIVE: 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang is a seriously swift snake

Not 6,500 like most modern cars; not even 7,250 like many of its muscle car compatriots. That stratospheric figure is all thanks to a flat-plane crank V-8, bored out from the normal 5.0-liter capacity to 5.2, and pushing out a whopping 526-horsepower …
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The Surprisingly Strange Saga of the Dodge Charger

With the first-generation Mustang and Camaro, it forms the holy trinity of late-'60s muscle cars, and well preserved examples can cost a fortune today. But the Charger is vastly different from its rivals, and it always has been. The Mustang has always …
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Debating Two Thrilling Mercedes-Benz AMG Cars

Nowadays, BMW's halo sports car is the futuristic plug-in hybrid i8. Is Mercedes stuck in the past with an old-school muscle car? Or, has BMW moved the game a little too fast for its own good? Listen in. Even if you don't care what Auto Test Director …
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Pulitzer-winning car critic: Self-driving vehicles could put end to car ownership

According to Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic Dan Neil, the self-driving car will also end the need for us to own a car. Just how? Stay tuned for …. What would happen to my muscle cars with these stupid cars that take away my joy of driving?!? Why …
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