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While we all respect and love the original early hot rods of the ‘40s and ‘50s, the street rods built from the ‘60s until this moment have written their own history and produced fine examples of traditional hot rods. As hot rodding progressed through the ages hot rodders were quick to find and adapt the latest, greatest and fastest parts onto their hot rods. It was not uncommon for ‘60s hot rodders to pirate parts off of the popular muscle cars of the day. Grabbing a Muncie or Borg-Warner T-10 complete with shifter for their hot rods was common back in the day of the cast iron Powerglide. The parts were very common at the local wrecking yard. Beyond getting a good four-speed out of the deal the factory shifter was often used too, complete with the iconic T-handle. Today that look simply says “hot rod”.



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