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The Bentley SSS C2 race car manufactured in 1965 is a rare find with only two units ever built, although neither vehicle was ever raced formally. There is one of them in the Bentley museum in the U.K., and the other, imaged below, has recently been sold, “Somewhere in the U.S.A.”, is all I could come up with. The company had a long standing policy of not participating in racing, however, the two cars were produced in defiance of that ban. Each of these is powered by a blueprinted 6.23 L all aluminium, dry sump, solid lifter, V8 engine. The intake manifold sports a supercharged twin four barrel carburetor arraignment to provide maximum power for the track. Also included is a single four barrel carburetor set-up along with fenders (not shown) to make it roadworthy for a Sunday solo jaunt. The latter two items were produced to make the vehicles legal for public sale, but only as an after-thought, thereby conforming with managements no racing edict.

Our thanks to Gateway Classic Cars for the images displayed here.

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