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The intermediate sized Oldsmobile Delta 88 has a four body style line-up in 1975 including the only convertible in the Olds family called the “The Royale”. For power the “88” choices include the Rocket 350 or the Rocket 455 at the top of the list and would be bolted to the THM400 automatic 3-speed transmission. There was however, a seldom ordered optional engine on the table not produced by the Oldsmobile Division; a Pontiac sourced 400 CID V8. The big block, when mounted with a two barrel, it has a 170 hp (130 kW) rating.  This year stringent EPA mandates dictate the use of a catalytic converter which not only need unleaded gas to work properly, but new pollution control legislation further results in lower HP, detuned engines with lower compression, and also effectively means an end to dual exhaust systems. This is the last year the Royal convertible is produced and there were 7,200 of them leave the assembly line.

vehicle shown 350 CID V8 Automatic $18,995


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